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St. Catharine's goes LED

Author: Samantha Lloyd // Posted: February 3, 2016

St.Catherine's happily made the change from HPS (the yellow-light fixtures that you are used to) to LED (bright, white or "natural" light) fixtures in recent months. Over 14,000 fixtures are involved in the change and will provide the city nearly 60% in energy and maintenance savings. The project was eagerly taken on due to the fact that LEDs emit zero uplighting - therefore they are Dark Sky compliant, environmentally conscious, and all light points downwards onto the area it's lighting, so there is little wasted light. The project is set to finish by 2018, and has already begun. To change out the old GE HPS fixtures takes about seven minutes per light. This means less construction time and fewer traffic or residential obstructions. GE Lighting makes it easy to switch from old to new - check out a video of the process below!

Read more about the St. Catherine's LED switch at:

OBIAA Conference 2015

Author: Samantha Lloyd // Posted: February 1, 2016

Tymat Solutions had a booth at the 2015 OBIAA (Ontario Business Improvement Area Association) Conference for two of the manufacturers we represent: King Luminaire and Stresscrete. It was a perfect opportunity to discuss the King Luminaire and Stresscrete products. King Luminaire, which is under the Stresscrete family, offers a variety of decorative fixtures in LED. King Luminaire also has a line of products that allow for an easy change from old HID fixtures to new LED with their conversion kits. Stresscrete continues to make their concrete poles and will be seeing some growth changes at their factory here in Burlington, Ontario. BIAs love Stresscrete's custom products - many BIAs have chosen to use our customizeable moulds to decorate and light up their neighbourhoods.

One team of our staff, Samantha, met up with her friend from the Danforth Mosiac BIA, too. Check out our inside sales coordinator and marketing manager, Samantha, with her friend over at the BIA, Oliver, and their new friend, Ruby the Owl (right). Both got the chance to meet a few furry friends while there, as you can see! The tradeshow was a huge success with a variety of companies coming together for a diverse and exciting few days. We look forward to next year.

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Read more about the OBIAA at the link below - hope to see you in 2016!